B2 Films announced today that the film project The Flying Circus, written and directed by Fatos Berisha, and produced by Vjosa Berisha has been officially selected to take part in this year’s Works in Progress of the prestigious Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The Flying Circus is among 11 film projects chosen from around the world to compete for the selection of prizes in this year’s Works in Progress.
“- Works in Progress at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is a very ambitious competition where projects from around the world participate, and the fact that we have been selected and will present our project at this prestigious festival makes me as a producer very happy, because the project is being evaluated at a very early stage, after we just finished shooting a couple of months ago. It is a unique opportunity to present our project to an audience with many important names and companies of the film industry in Europe, and also to challenge ourselves and go for the win, which would ease our further work in the postproduction phase”,
- said Vjosa Berisha, producer of The Flying Circus.
Projects teams of selected projects for Works in Progress will present in front of an International Jury and the audience of film professionals. Projects participating in the program are provided the opportunity to compete for the postproduction prize in the amount of 100,000 euros offered by prestigious companies.
Director and scriptwriter Fatos Berisha is very enthusiastic about this opportunity:
“- I am very proud to receive such an evaluation from an A category festival. Not only will we have the opportunity to present in front of distributors, festival selectors and film professionals from around the world, moreover, the work that the whole film team has done during the filming of The Flying Circus will be evaluated as part of the program. This gives us hope that the film will have a good future.”
Film project “The Flying Circus” started shooting in April and the 19 days in the film set included traveling in three countries, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro, filming in Pristina, Ulcinj, Shkodra and Tirana. The script is based on true story written by Fatos Berisha. “The Flying Circus” is a black comedy set in late ‘90s that describes the journey of a group of actors, played by Armend Smajli, Tristan Halilaj, Shpëtim Selmani and Afrim Muçaj, who are invited to a Theatre Festival in Tirana with their play. They risk their lives illegally crossing borders in the time when Kosovo was at the verge of war and many Balkan countries were turbulent. This dynamic story with many comic and sad moments is expected to be ready for festivals in 2019. Bosnian actor Velibor Topic, known for his roles in Guy Ritchie’s ‘Snatch’, Ridley Scott’s ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and ‘Robin Hood’, is among the cast of “The Flying Circus”.
Film producer Vjosa Berisha and director Fatos Berisha have a long experience in various projects in film, television and theatre, including ten years of managing Prishtina International Film Festival, which they founded in 2008 and developed into the most important event of Kosovo's film industry.
“The Flying Circus” is a coproduction of Kosovo and Albania, supported by the Kosovo Cinematography Center, the National Cinematography Center of Albania, and the Municipality of Tirana. Ikone Studio from Kosovo is another co-producer that supported the film project.
The 53rd edition of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival will be held in 29 June – 7 July, and the Works in Progress dates are 1-4 July 2018.

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